Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Salesforce interview questions - faqs

Salesforce interview questions - FAQs

Q1) Define Sales Process which we get with Salesforce standard objects? (Products, Pricebooks and process from Campaigns to Case&Solutions)?

Q2) When does user convert a lead? Explain standard salesforce convert screen. Have you implemented custom lead convert screen?

Q3) How to override class member variable?

Q4) What is difference between virtual and abstract classes?

Q5) What is the difference between virtual and abstract method?

Q6) In visualforce page , which tag you use to create password field?

Q7)Who are the campaign members on then what happens to lead as campaign member once it is converted?

Q8) How many pricebooks we can associate with single opportunity?

Q9) How do you implement authorization process with outbound messages?

Q10) Controller is standard or custom controller?

I shall add more questions meanwhile readout other topics on this blog, these topics are frequently asked in interviews.

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